Astrology Planetary Promises for Education and Knowledge Horoscope

Date : October 7, 2016  | Author : Astrologer Umesh

How Planets Affect Education Horoscope In Astrology

Education and Knowledge

In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the primary significator or Karaka for Education and Knowledge. When posited in Trikona or n Kendra, and if associated with the 5th house or its lord, bestows good results in respect to education. Mercury symbolizes intelligence. Along with Jupiter, Mercury and its position are also of primary concern for noting educational achievements of an individual. To determine the field of education, the 2nd house is considered for primary education and ability of expression. The later part of education is noted from the 5th and the 8th house.

Apart from this, combinations like Buddhaditya Yoga, Saraswati Yoga involving Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus indicate prominence in education. Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu indicate education of different dimension. All these are relevant with various combinations that allow a variety of qualifications. If the 2nd and 5th house is afflicted, one is devoid of education. Jupiter remains the primary karaka for determining the ability to study and progress in education. How these combinations would impact your education horoscope.Get your personalised 2019 Career Report By PavitraJyotish

All the planets are associated with different genres of education. Jupiter is the chief karaka of Vedas, philosophy, and astrology. Mercury is the significator of mathematics, financial management and medical. Venus is auspicious for music and effective interpretation. Mars gives the ability to rule and to fight against injustice. It is the chief karaka of the art of warfare.

Sun represents administrative education, medical and philosophy. Moon is auspicious for medical, poetry, astronomy, spiritual and astrological education. Saturn and Rahu are chief Karakas of foreign education. 9th house, Jupiter, and Moon are the chief karakas of spiritual education.

For making any type of achievement in the field of higher education it is inevitably essential that 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th houses in a horoscope should be under the auspicious influence of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Sun. Confused about choosing a right education? Get remedial solution for your education and an open plethora of opportunities.

Transit of Jupiter and Saturn bring about a major transformation in education. For some it may reflect fresh opportunity, for some, it may indicate a brief break. The ongoing Dasha of planets also holds the key to the further venture.

While these are largely generic, one has to note these combinations and indications from the relevant charts as well. How these combinations would impact your horoscope specifically, is more notable for you. with Education, you will be able to find out more about your education, knowledge and higher studies. The remedial measures suggested by the proficient astrologer will help you to lessen your obstacles and bring about smooth flow for success, opportunities, and progress. Stuck up in wrong education choice? Ask for better solutions to your education today and rid of problems related to your education.Get your Personalised Education Report By PavitraJyotish