Buddha Jayanti

Published On : April 18, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

About Lord Buddha Jayanti

An auspicious occasion of Lord Buddha’s Jayanti is celebrated not only in India but in many other countries across the world, by the followers of Buddha’s ideals and principles. It is a festival of great religious magnificence in Buddhism or Buddha Dharma. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal’s Lumbini (now a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site) in Purnima of Vaishakh month, in 563 BCE. Lord Buddha was a prodigious child endowed with an exceptional degree of mental acuity. He is also regarded as one of the prime incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Knowledge and sermons of Buddha cast positive influences, not only to the adherents of Buddhism but also to the followers of the Hindu religion. Lord Buddha is as revered and worshipped as any incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Idols of Lord Buddha are easily noticeable in almost every household of Hindu families. There is an unprecedented coincidence between his attainment of enlightenment and Nirvana (emancipation). To say otherwise, the day of Purnima marking his birthdate also happens to be the day when he attained enlightenment and death (emancipation). Beliefs associated with Lord Buddha lay claim that he wandered around forests and different other places for seven years in search of truth. He observed Yoga and rigorous penance/meditation dedicated to God during his pursuit of truth. Lord Buddha attained Nirvana at the age of 80, in Kushinagar of Uttar Pradesh, in 483 BCE. He remains highly respected and in forever remembrance because of his profound knowledge and lessons. Apart from India, Buddha Jayanti is celebrated with boundless enthusiasm and the religious fervour of devotees in many countries in the world, such as Nepal, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Shri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc.

Lord Buddha And Bodh Gaya

The name of Buddha instantly invokes the name of Bodh Gaya, a very auspicious place situated in Bihar, where Buddha attained enlightenment under a magnificent fig tree (later known as the Bodhi tree or tree of awakening). Since then, the day of Purnima in Vaishakh month has famously been celebrated as Budh Purnima or Lord Buddha Jayanti. A site of the Mahaparinirvana temple of Lord Buddha witnesses a grand fair organized for a month every year. However, it is also seen as a place associated with Gautam Buddha. This temple of Lord Buddha commands impressive views due to its architectural marvel. It is hailed as the funeral site of Lord Buddha. People following Buddhism visit this site and offer their prayers to Lord Buddha. The devotees offer flowers and sweet water at the roots of the tree. Diyas are lit and prayers are offered to Lord Buddha. Tourists from India and other countries pay their visit to Gaya on this day. Books of Buddhism are read and recited here. Auspicious and noble deeds are done as well. An activity of almsgiving involving clothes etc. given to the poor and orphans is also done. Besides, Lord Buddha Jayanti is celebrated from 08 to 09 May in Thailand and Shri Lanka. In other words, people from India and other countries come to Bihar’s Bodh Gaya on Buddha Jayanti. And the congregations of these people celebrate the festival with deep devotion. Moreover, the devotees take the vow of pursuing self-realization and truth in their life as an extension of their gesture paid to Lord Buddha on the auspicious Buddha Jayanti. To talk in brief, the day of Buddha Jayanti is the conveyor of a very important and prestigious tradition.

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