Goddess Durga

Published On : September 23, 2018  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

The Informative Details Of Goddess Durga Mata

About Goddess Durga And Importance of Navratri Maa Durga Puja

Goddess Durga Known by several adjectival names, such as Adi Parashakti, Sherowali, Shakti, Ambe, Yogmaya, Parvati and Bhavani, Mata Durga is a Hindu goddess of widespread repute. She is revered and worshipped by countless staunch, dedicated and enthusiastic followers from places all over India, such as Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and Punjab, as well as in Delhi and almost all states in India. All these places celebrate worship of goddess Durga in their respective unique and religious adherence. Somewhere Navratri Nav Durga Pujan celebration is called Navaratri while Dussehra is known in other places of the country.

Irrespective of how Durga Puja is celebrated State-wise across different corners of India, there is no doubt in saying that the deity is worshipped with deep regards and reverences by her devoted followers. Because of ceaseless attachment of devotees with the Durga festival, the significance of Durga Pooja draws special appeal in its given vibrancy and splendor beautified by folk songs, dance, Aarti, music, and in different traditional outfits of devotees.

It should be of notable value to understand that Goddess Durga bears a warrior and fearless persona in different pictorial depictions and in the chronicles of various mythological sources. These sources reveal in almost equal conclusion that goddess Durga represents an omnipotent divine force whose very existence is to wipe out evil and demonic forces for the purpose of restoring world peace order, and the institution of Dharma and prosperity to fuel the power to the creation cycle of the universe. This is the reason as to why Durga Maa holds such a powerful religious value among devotees and why her celebration is reckoned as a victory over evil force and also a pathway toward the spiritual elevation of the mankind. To be more specific, Durga Maa is an ultimate divinity, who is invincible, meaning: no force of whatsoever power can ever subdue Durga, because of her infinite or beyond the reaching power.Book Your 9 Days Durga Puja By PavitraJyotish

History of Maa Durga

The origin of Maa Durga traces back to the eons-old incident when the mighty demon Mahishasura unleashed tyranny to disrupt the world peace order. His physique bore half portion of buffalo and rest of the body had the appearance of a demon. First of all, he observed years-long meditation or tapasya in tune with the chants of Lord Brahma so that he could get hold of immortality and so could never be killed by anyone. Finally, Lord Brahma, having been pleased with his meditation, granted Mahishasura the boon that he won’t be killed by any Gods or male humans.

Driven to unspeakable lunacy because of the boon of Lord Brahma, the tyranny of Mahishasura dawned upon the innocent earthlings with enormous might, forcing them to succumb to an endless misery created by the demon. Since Mahishasura was immune to killing by Gods and male humans, his cruelty ran rampant all across the universe and went finally to the Heaven, the dwelling place of Gods. Worried and fearful of the mounting cruelty of Mahishasura, all Divinities approached to Trinity Gods: Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, requesting them to put an end to the madness of Mahishasura,

Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, through the unified energy force of their divinities, created a light force power of which was extremely intense. Out of that unprecedented light force or SHAKTI-PUNJ, the birth of Adi Parashakti Durga manifested. Each God witnessing the creation of Durga later equipped her with precious and unique weaponry. For example, Lord Vishnu granted her Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Brahma granted her Stoup (Kamandal), and Lord Shiva granted her the mighty Trident. Lion as the mount of Mata Durga was given to her by lord Himalaya.

Armed with the unique and powerful weapons, Maa Durga set for a war against the demon Mahishasura. According to mythology, the fierce war between Durga and Mahishasura ran for 10 days, and on the exact 10th day, she killed the demon by beheading him with her trident, thus restoring the world peace order and providing peace to earthlings and Gods. The reason Mahishasura was killed is that goddess Durga was a female deity, while according to the boon granted by Lord Brahma, Mahishasura was not to be killed by Gods and male humans. It did not occur to Mahishasura that he could be killed by goodness eventually.

The victory of Mata Durga over the demon Mahishasura is now celebrated as a nine-day-long festival of Dussehra or Durga Puja. Maa Durga Puja celebration also holds the amoral message that how mighty the evil force may be; it is bound to meet its end, sooner or later.

Maa Durga Represent as Shakti

Goddess Durga is represented as a symbolic gesture of Adi Shakti or divine force of positive energy which acts as a prime factor in neutralizing the negative energy elements or evil forces so as to establish peace and perpetual serenity in the universe. She is also represented as a deity of kindness and of motherly nature, who provides safety to her devotees and followers against malefic energy force of the universe, thus keeping the devotees in forever safety. Durga is also symbolized as a divine formation of Lakshmi, Kali, and Saraswati, all three deities who were manifested as a discrete form of Maa Durga and so, each is believed to possess the divine force of Durga herself. A received wisdom also suggests that Mata Durga is a celestial formation of warrior deity created by Lord Vishnu in order to restore the world peace order by eliminating demonic forces, such as the one notoriously known as Mahishasura. Being hailed as Shakti, Durga contains energy forces of all divinities symbolized as Durga’s weapons and emblems.

Maa Durga as a Vedic Deity of Spiritual Consciousness

The origin of Mata Durga is also associated with the fact that she was born out of Fire/Agni and light, both called as a unified force of protection or protective energy force, according to Vedic Durga Sukta. Now the true meaning of such origin of Mata Durga is that it is symbolic of immortal consciousness. The meaning of immortal consciousness is that devotees of Durga are set to attain spiritual awareness and power or moral purity from within. Attainment of worldly existence or Samsaric is also made possible through religious observance to Maa Durga, which means Durga Maiya will extend our awareness from darkness to light, helping us to understand the universe in its non-existing and existing forms, as well as improving our spiritual awareness between death and immortality.

Maa Durga as a Vedic deity of spiritual consciousness is also symbolized as a deity of cosmic intelligence which pertains to inner guidance, divine light, and knowledge, to clear our conscience from the darkness of illusion.

Importance of Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri

The meaning of Navratri is “Nine Nights” which literally stands for the celebration of a festival for nine days in a row. Symbolically, Navratri refers to Mata Durga in which all the nine forms of the deity are worshipped and revered by staunch devotees from all over India. Navratri is of different types, including Vasant Navratri, Sharada Navratri, Ashada Navratri, Paush Navratri, and Megha Navratri. Besides, in the festival of Navratri, Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri hold special significance.

About Chaitra Navratri:

Puranas and scriptures have laid more emphasis on the importance of Chaitra Navratri, a nine-day festival from Pratipada (first-day celebration) to Navami (the ninth day celebration during Shukla Paksha), on the day of Hindu month called Chaitra. The festival is dedicated to Maa Shakti.

Importance of Chaitra Navratri Celebration:

  • Dedicated to Mata Shakti symbolized as cosmic intelligence and spiritual purity.
  • Devotees, who worship Durga selflessly during Chaitra Navratri, will attain salvation.
  • During Chaitra Navratri, the Mother Nature turns a new lease of life.
  • Holding a fast during this day energizes your body for the following summer.

About Ashwin Navratri:

Also known as Sharad Navratri or Maha Navratri, Ashwin Navratri is one of the most famous festivals dedicated to Mata Durga. The season of Sharad marks the beginning of the lunar month of Ashwin which indicates commencement of Ashwin Navratri, a nine-day celebration of Mata Shakti and her nine forms. The last day of the festival finally comes to end on the tenth day known as Vijayadashami or Dussehra in India which marks immersion of statues of Durga in various parts of the country.

Importance of Ashwin Navratri Celebration:

  • The sanctified festival of Ashwin Navratri dedicated to Mata Durga grants blissful prosperity to devotees on both spiritual and material perspectives.
  • Attainment of physical and mental rejuvenation in which creative energy forces bless devotees with spiritual consciousness.
  • Devotees, who observe a fast during Ashwin Navratri, attain the divine favor of goddess Durga which means fulfillment of wishes.
  • Maa Durga is divine energy force hailed as the destroyer of an evil force. Therefore her worship during Ashwin Navratri grants devotees safety from the malefic force.
  • Attainment of victory over enemies, prosperity, healthy family relations, siddhi, and temporal gains.

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About GuptNavratra:

Usually, people know about two Navratri celebrations in a year, such as Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri. However, there is one special Navratri called Gupt Navratri which is of two combinations of Navratri celebrations – one that is celebrated during Magha Shukla, and another one celebrated during Ashadha Shukla. Therefore, a total of four Navratri celebrations are held during a year. The name “Gupt Navratri” is given because this festival is least known by the majority of people compared to Chaitra or Ashwin Navratri.

How Gupt Navratri Differs From Other Types of Navratri:

  • Tantric and Satwik both pujas are conducted during normal Navratri, while in Gupt Navratri, only tantric puja is observed.
  • Compared to normal Navratri, Gupt Navratri does not need promotion on a broad-based level. This is held in secrecy.
  • In Gupt Navratri, the success of worship depends on its privacy rather than open promotion typical of normal Navratri.

Brief about Gupt Navratri:

  • During Gupt Navratri, Maa Kaali, the secret form of Mata Durga, is worshipped.
  • Worship is held under utmost secrecy.
  • It is celebrated during Pratipada of Ashadha month.
  • Devotees worshiping Kali Maa must stay away from the black outfit, sleeping during a day, shaving hairs, and leather-made things.

Importance of Gupt Navratri:

  • Special occasion for Tantric rituals.
  • Devotees attain prosperity and materialistic gains.
  • Marital peace and happiness.
  • Removal of malefic energy force.

Durga Puja Importance in Our Life:

The divine form of Mata Durga is celebrated with great splendor by her staunch devotees from all over India. The puja serves the purpose of attaining the blessing of Mata Durga and attain peace and prosperity, as well as a solution against malefic force. The festival of Mata Durga holds great significance in our life.

Importance of Durga Puja in our life:

  • The festival of Goddess Durga is observed in tribute to her triumph over demonic force called Mahishasura. The victory thence became the strong proponent of the maxim, that even the mightiest evil force can be subdued by benefic force of divine being.
  • The importance of Durga Puja in our life is that it teaches us about the truth that it ultimately prevails, no matter how hard the odds one may find along the way toward truth.
  • Durga Puja is a symbolic gesture of bravery and courage, teaching us to stand fearlessly in the face of adversity because the fate of every difficulty is set to end which was proven when goddess Durga destroyed demon Mahishasura.
  • Durga Mata has a motherly personification, meaning she is the mother of the universe, unfolding to it her divine virtue.
  • Durga Puja is also important because it grants us spiritual and cosmic intelligence, something called life-reforming driving force.
  • Those on the path of spiritual awareness can gather tremendous energy force of the same with the worship of goddess Durga.

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The leading platform for accurate and comprehensive astrological solution, PavitraJyotish, organizes Durga Puja during Navratri for the devotees of Goddess Durga. The worship is held in the purest and most auspicious ritual manners conducted by learned and experienced pandits. The aim behind organizing Durga puja for our devotees is to benefit them the blessings of Mata Durga, and peace and prosperity to dwell in their lives. Puja is organized under most sanctified rituals as our pandits take care of every essential to ensure religious manner is followed while performing  Durga puja for our devotees.Book Your 9 Days Durga Puja By PavitraJyotish


Goddess Durga or Adi Prashakti is the manifestation of the supreme divine energy force born out of the fire and is also known as Mahishasura-Mardini or demon slayer. Her worship during Navratri is a symbolic victory of goodness over evil force, thus giving the universe a forever respite from the demonic force. Durga Puja also inspires devotees being courageous in the face of adversity, as goddess Durga signifies Shakti, the ultimate energy force which is transcendental. Worshipped and revered by devotees from all parts of India, goddess Durga bears the meaning of “Pathfinder through difficult phases” and is believed to be the mother of the universe, nourishing its every creature with her kindness and protective energy force.

Goddess Durga provides safety to the mankind from the demonic or malefic force which causes people to suffer from a negative outcome like envy, bigotry, hate, anger, and egoism etc. Bearing in mind that these results cause more destruction in the life of an individual, Durga Puja, therefore, brings a permanent solution to such agonic outcome from your life. Each prong of Trident of goddess Durga possesses discrete attribute known as Sattva (balance), Rajas (activity/passion) and Tamas (imbalance). Her Sudarshan Chakra, which always keeps spinning on her index finger, denotes the meaning that everything across the vast universe is under control of goddess Durga. Her gesture called Abhayamudra is a sign that devotees of Durga will not have to go through any difficulty and that they will remain fearless under Her blessings. Jai Mata Di!

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