Jivitputrika Vrat

Published On : August 14, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Importance Of Jivitputrika Vrat

This vrat, in every family of Hindu religion, is dedicated to saving the life of a child. Devotees observing this vrat get effectual results, ensuring surefire protection of their progenies and ancestry legacy. One must observe the vrat of Jivitputrika in order to ensure protection of their children or to ward off lingering fear on the very genealogical cycle. Effective results can be obtained through this vrat, like elimination of the most fatal sufferings/pains. This vrat festival starts at Ashtami tithi of Ashwini Krishna paksha. Conclusion of the vrat happens at Navami during Ashtami of Pradosh Kaal Vyapini. However, somewhere the conclusion of vrat follows Ashtami of Saptami Vyapini, but the latter one (Ashtami) is considered the most auspicious time to do the vrat. Pradosh time is considered optimal for prayer-worship of this vrat, that ensures protection of progeny or son. Jeevamrutha Vahan is also worshipped in this vrat, because he is the one protection of serpentine clan was ensured. Since then, Jivitputrika vrat has been in practice by devotees to make sure that their children stay safe and sound.

Puja Methods For Jivitputrika Vrat

At the very onset of early evening or on the day of Saptami, the devotees must follow the rituals, like maintaining self-control and purity associated with this vrat. They must abstain from consuming non-vegetarian diets and indulge at least in semi-preparation for the vrat-puja, enthusiastically. Devotees must wake up early the morning, finish their daily routines like attending washrooms etc. and keep puja-related materials at a holy place or a puja-spot cleaned by the cow’s dung. Dig a small pond-like pit around the puja-spot and ensconce around it kush, or branches of banyan tree. Use kusha to make an idol of king Shalivahana’s son who is hailed in esteem for his righteousness. Ensconce that idol in an Ashtadal Kamal. You can also use water or soil for the same purpose. Be seated on a blanket-made seat and do Achamana activity. Set up a Kalash and lit diya. Invoke lord Ganesh by reciting Ganapati mantra, and offer your worship to lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Also worship king Jeevamrutha Wahan religiously. Bathe the king and give yellow and red-colored cotton offerings to him. Also, offer Akshat, flower, dhupa, diya and prasad and sweets etc. Offer your prayer and worship to king Jeevamrutha Wahan as a sign of concluding your puja and express sorrows for any mistake done in the course of doing worship.

Story Of Jivitputrika Vrat

The incident involves lord Shiva telling a tale to Mata Bhawani Parvati, which follows as thus – A very pious and kind king named Shalivahana had a son called Jeevamrutha Wahan who was also a very duty-bond and kind-hearted person. He abandoned the royal privileges as bestowed upon him by his father, and gave them to his brothers, to spend exile with his father in a forest. During that period, his marital rituals were also done. One day, when prince Jeevamrutha Wahan was heading somewhere in the forest, he saw an old, grief-stricken woman. He asked about her plight, to which she said she had only one son, but due to vows, her son was to be sacrificed to the king of birds, Garuda. She wailed to the prince, saying she would be without her son if he was to be sacrificed to Garuda. Hearing the predicament of that old serpentine lady, the prince Jeevamrutha Wahan consoled her not to worry as he would take the matter in his own hands, swearing to protect the life of her son. Then, the prince wrapped himself in the fabric taken from Shankhchuda and laid himself on the way, awaiting Garuda. As soon as Garuda saw the red fabric and a body wrapped around it, he clawed on it and flew down to a mountain rock. However, the king of bird was surprised to see the prince barely scared of the death in front of him. He asked of his introductions. The prince narrated the whole story to Garuda. Pleased by the altruism of the prince, lord Garuda gave him the boon, that no snake dynasty would be sacrificed henceforth. The boon of lord Garuda and the attempts of prince finally saved the snake dynasty. This matter dispersed all over the world like a wildfire, thereby prompting devotees, mostly women, to observe Jivitputrika vrat.

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