Santan Saptami Vrat

Published On : July 16, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Santan Saptami Vrat And Its Importance

This vrat festival is celebrated every year on Saptami tithi of Shukla Paksha during Bhadrapada month, in order to make domestic life peaceful and happy. Purpose of safeguarding one’s progeny is also achieved with this vrat. While continuing journey on the path of their lives, devotees can also ensure strengthening the longevity and bringing prosperity in the lives of their offspring with this vrat. With this desire/goal, Santan Saptami vrat is celebrated quite enthusiastically every year, due to which blessing of having a progeny happens. Such is the auspicious effect of this vrat, that it results in a realistic attainment of longevity. This vrat is quite a boon for the devotees, who wish to have a child/grandchild, or who don’t breed child, or they experience death of their broods during childbirth. If you observe this vrat by following all rituals associated with it, all your wishes would come to fruition, including the fact that this vrat is very famous among women, to remove trouble related to offspring from their lives. It ensures safety of one’s children and opens the gateway of their bright future. With the purpose of attaining progeny and ensuring happiness of children, this vrat is known as Santan Saptami. Worshipping of Lord Shiva, Mata Parvati, Lord Vishnu, and Mata Laxmi is recommended in this vrat. Devotees wake up early in the morning, finish their daily routines, and then attend puja of the lord. This is a very rare and propitious vrat in the Hindu religion, which fulfills all wishes of the devotees.

Puja Methods For Santan Saptami Vrat

This vrat festival requires every male and female devotee to follow sanctity, purity, celibacy, pious conducts, and remember God, a day before observing the fast/vrat on Shashthi tithi. They should do necessary preparations for the vrat. While observing all purification related activities on a day of vrat, devotees should make a stock of all puja-related ingredients and place them on a puja-dedicated spot. Site in the direction of east or north, remember the lord, take Achamana thrice, and while doing self-purification, make a form of Ashtadal lotus, and place Diya etc. using mantra and then conduct puja, remembering the related deities of this vrat, such as Lord Shiva, Mata Parvati, Lord Vishnu, and Mata Laxmi. Bath these deities and offer them each sandalwood, cloths, rice, flowers, dhupa, deep and prasad etc. Offer the deities delicious sweets, kheer, Pudi, jaggery, coir-coconut. Bind the safety thread (Raksha Sutra) by taking Sankalp to lord Shiva or place in the feet of the deity. After conveying your wish, pick up that safety thread, and tie it around the wrist of your child and wish for their longevity and success. Now you can have those delicious food items offered to the lord. Offer your prayer to the lord and greet him.

Story Of Santan Saptami Vrat

The devotees either perform this puja on their own or have this done by a learned Brahman priest. Listen to the story of the lord in the spirit of total devotions. Some references told to Yudhishthira by lord Krishna about this story are being briefed as thus – The parents of lord Krishna, Devaki and Vasudeva were anguished with the bereavement of their children killed by Kansa. Sage Lomash advised them to observe Santan Saptami Vrat. They did it with great reverence. Another story relates to Nahusha, the king of Ayodhya, his wife and her friend, Rupmati. Once they visited Saryu river to take a bath and witnessed Saptami vrat being unfolded in front of them. Pleased by it, they listened to the story and decided to follow the vrat to attain progeny. Unfortunately, they forgot their decision of observing the vrat when they reached home. After death, the queen was born as she-monkey, and her friend was born as a hen in their next births. However, Brahmani came to know about the incident, and both of them were born again as a human being. Since the queen didn’t follow the vrat, she was not blessed with any offspring, whereas her friend was blessed with many children as she observed Santan Saptami vrat. This made the queen envious on her maid and conspired to kill her sons. However, her ill intention couldn’t turn results due to the effects of the vrat. And the sons of the maid remained unscathed from all dangers. Since then, this vrat is being observed by women folks to safeguard their children and good fortunes for their lives. This vrat is a simple way of attaining progeny for those bearing no child. Due to auspicious effects of this vrat, devotees get blessed with progeny. Therefore, this is a very important and useful vrat to attain one’s progeny. This is why it is called Santan Saptami vrat.

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