Narada Muni Jayanti

Published On : April 19, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Know About Narada Muni

Who doesn’t know Narada Muni, the Hindu religion’s most revered and greatest role player as a cosmic messenger? He is enormously popular since the existence of mythological era because of his immense knowledge and rigorous penance/meditation. According to religious books, celestial sage Maharishi Narada is one of the sixth sons of Lord Brahma. He attended rigorous meditations (Tapa) to attain the position of Devarishi (the celestial sage).  He is one of the most endeared devotees of Lord Vishnu. He is profoundly learned in religious matters (theologian) and is driven by the spirit of public welfare. Inspired by the spirit of public welfare, he exerts all efforts in asking questions to Lord Vishnu about remedial methods and vrat-related stories for people to follow and listen to so that the auspicious results of betterment and wellness get manifested in their life. because of his soul being attached to the devotions of Lord Vishnu, Narada Muni, therefore, remains ubiquitous in every Yuga and person. In the Dvapara Yuga, Lord Krishna accentuated the importance of Narada Muni by saying that he manifests the form of Devarishi Narada in every Virat Rup (immeasurable divine forms) that he (Lord Krishna) assumes. Similarly, according to Shrimad Bhagavata Purana, the first time Lord Vishnu had assumed an incarnation, it was none other than Narada. In other words, Lord Vishnu manifested himself in the form of Narada when he assumed first divine incarnation. Devarishi Narada is considered to be the god of all sages.  Why? Because he valued good deeds and public welfare by following the path of truth. Narada Ji, on one hand, has established himself as a supreme cosmic messenger, on the other hand, he has attained an uncontested position of being one of the foremost and most predominant practitioners of astrology. So profound and unfathomable his knowledge that he is perfectly capable of predictingany incidents before they happen in heaven or the world beyond. He is also knowledgeable about matters related to the past, the present, and the future. According to religious books, Devarishi Narada can swiftly traverse anywhere of his own accord. The power of his meditation, knowledge and civility is too infinite to be quested in any sage. Meaning, he is peerless. That is why he is addressed as sage Narada. Devarishi Narada is also quoted in the texts of the epic Mahabharata, that he is educated in Veda and Vedic matters, that he is a great ethicist knowing the philosophy of law, and a great omniscient Yogi familiar with all the incidents to happen in the celestial world. He is fond of music and songs. It explains why he is portrayed in several pictures holding a harp, a kind of musical instrument. Devarishi Narada is also the dispeller of doubts of Guru Brihaspati, the celestial teacher, apart from being a skilled statesman and intelligent. Narada Muni Jayanti celebrates the birth of divine sage Narada Muni.Narada Muni Jayanti celebrates the birth of divine sage Narada Muni.

Lessons Of Narada Ji

Devarishi Narada always disseminated the lessons of truth and knowledge in the world. Gods and devils, Narada Muni educated them both with the truth. Profoundly learned and well-wisher of everyone, Devarishi Narada and his education of self-realization that he earned through renunciations are worth following for everyone. Narada Purana is one of the most valuable scriptures among the 18 Maha Puranas. The kind of Narada Purana available these days has the omission of certain texts or shlokas and remains with the amazing collection of 22,000 shlokas. Narada Muni Jayanti celebrates the birth of the divine sage and musician.

Education And Knowledge Of Narada Ji

The education and knowledge of Lord Narada are so comprehensive and vast that one can use it to make their life fortunate and forever memorable by following the path of serving the needy. Devarishi Narada is a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. He recites devotional songs of Lord Vishnu and keeps him in his memory by always reciting the mantra of Shri Narayana. Narada Muni Jayanti celebrates the birth of sage Narada, a divine messenger.

The Characterization Of Narada Muni In The Present Context –

A live depiction of Devarishi Narada can be found in various books, stories and texts of the Hindu religion. Beautiful portrayal of his presence in various dramas and narrations testifies that Narada Ji is as popular today as he was. Unfortunately, some people, out of ignorance, commit blasphemy by projecting him as a perpetrator of creating squabbles amongst people. Because Devarishi Narada is not as he is negatively portrayed. He is always a staunch follower of truth and religion. And he never deviated from disseminating the same, given he is a divine incarnation traversing both in earth and in heaven.  Narada Muni is also a good messenger. In the Atharva Veda, Narada is called a sage. Many interesting stories about Narada Muni are found in Maitrayani Samhita, Bharat Etray Brahman, etc. Tales of him are very useful and effective for humankind. In addition, the famous narrations of Das Mahavidya in Nāradasmṛti and NaradaPancharatra are very interesting and educational.

Famous Stories Of Narada Muni

Once Kansa of Dvapara Yuga was escorting his newly-wedded sister and her husband when an omen from the sky forewarned him of his imminent death at the hand of the eighth child born out of his sister Devaki. Enraged by the forecast, Kansa tried to slay his sister with his sword, when Narada Ji appeared, and by using his logic, convinced Kansa to spare the life of Devaki. We find many tales of Narada bearing similar connotations of his greatness. Narada Muni Jayanti, an auspicious occasion celebrated in his name involves countless devotees who pray to lord Narada with devotions, including bhandara, Puja, Anushthan, and many interesting activities that take place on the day.

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