Shani Jayanti

Published On : April 20, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Shani Jayanti And Its Importance

In Hindu religion, the celestial bodies like sun and moon are considered gods. And if we talk about the Sun, then it is considered one of the divine beings of Panch-Devas (a group of five Gods). On the other hand, lord Saturn is also one of the most effective divinities of nine planets. Shani Jayanti, a celebratory occasion dedicated to lord Saturn, is typically celebrated every year in Amavasya of Vaishakh month. An endeared son of Lord Sun and goddess Chaya Devi, Lord Shani’s jayanti is celebrated every year in Amavasya of Vaishakh month, with great reverence and devotions by the devotees all over India. Worships encompassing a variety of shlokas and Anushthans by using Vedic and Tantric methods dedicated to Lord Shani are done at Shani temples on Shani jayanti. It is believed that Lord Shani was born exactly at 12.00 PM in Amavasya. Astrologically speaking, Saturn is extremely glorious, vigorous and influential in the family of nine planets (Navagrah). Its auspicious positon in a horoscope means boundless prosperity for the concerned natives/zodiac signs. On the other hand, it casts extremely malefic results in the life of a native or a zodiac sign so long as their horoscope reflects positioning of a weak Saturn. In other words, the native affected by weak Saturn has to go through different types of problems and sufferings in his/her life, as long as Saturn remains seated in its debilitated position in the native’s horoscope. As a result of debilitated Saturn in a Kundali, the concerned native’s health gets deteriorated, his mental acuity starts to wane, and he also becomes the victim of domestic squabbles. Lord Saturn is astrologically believed to be a malefic planet, given his nature of being aggressive and fiery planet, thus causing many problems encumbered by struggles and failures in the life of a person affected by the debilitated Saturn. On the other hand, an auspicious or benefic Saturn is a sign of elevated social status, like helping someone to get appointed as a judge or granting him a big portfolio. Moreover, the native also becomes a fortunate recipient of auspicious results on the front of land, property, happiness from offspring and domestic peace, etc. Therefore, lord Saturn is extremely important planet to consider, especially if you wish to move ahead in life positively and improve every aspect of the same. So, we can say that Shani jayanti is a golden opportunity to remove sorrows and sufferings from one’s life.

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