Siddhivinayak Vrat

Published On : July 2, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Siddhi Vinayak Vrat And Its Importance

This vrat is done to attain the divine favor of first-worshipable lord, Shri Ganesh. It is dedicated to lord Shri Siddhi Vinayak (another name of Ganesh among his other different synonyms). The name Siddhi Vinayak is very famous name of lord Ganesh for its symbolic of fulfilling all desires of the devotees. Lord Ganesh was born on Chaturthi. To attain his divine favor, his birthday is celebrated on every Chaturthi with proper rituals. because the mere name of Lord Shri Ganesh is removal of all obstacles in one’s life. Since it fulfills intrinsic desires of devotees, He, therefore, is called Siddhi Vinayak. He is called the giver of desired results. Every month, two Chaturthi occasions arrive. Worshipping lord Ganesh can sharpen wits and wisdom of students pursuing academic course. And people involved in different career sectors, like music, research, writing, and so on, worship lord Ganesh with proper rituals and organize festivals and feasts on Chaturthi, to gain progress, growth and elevation in their chosen career. Chaturthi in every month, whether it falls on Krishna paksha or Shukla paksha, has its respective significance. These occasions are respectively importance based on their presence and chronological orders. Similarly, there is importance of Vinayak Chaturthi considered very important from the viewpoint of knowledge and wisdom. They are also important for removing troubles in one’s life. Ganesh puja is considered the giver of auspicious fruits/results and give respite from debts and other sorrows to the people who worship lord Ganesh. This is because Chaturthi that falls on Sunday and Monday is considered giver of auspicious results, due to which vrat and puja hold special significance. This vrat occasion removes al types of obstacles and gives desired results to the devotees. Worshiping lord Ganesh can heal one from the illness of soul. Wealth increases in one’s life. It also solves one’s destitution and poverty. Sorrows of whatsoever might get resolved with the divine favor of lord Ganesh. Therefore, on Vinayak Chaturthi, lord Shri Ganesh is worshipped enthusiastically.

Puja-Methods Of Siddhi Vinayak Vrat

A devotee should follow all rituals, self-control and self-purification a day before observing Siddhivinayak Vrat.  Avoidance of non-vegetarian diets and rage is recommended. Wake up early in the morning on the day of vrat, finish daily routines, collect vrat-related ingredients; and ensconce lord Ganesh statute cast in gold, silver, brass or clay (as per one’s capacity). Thereafter, sit in the direction of east/north, remember the lord, take Achamana and proceed with self-purification ritual. Take Sankalp for vrat. Make sure you take Sankalp by holding something very auspicious object in your hand. Initiate lord’s puja with proper rituals. offer the lord coconut and flowers. You can also get this puja done by a learned priest. Offer the lord his favorite things like laddu, vermilion etc. Conclude your puja by offering it to the lord in a manner of pure devotions.

Story of SiddhiVinayak Vrat

There are countless popular mythological tales about lord Ganesh. One of them relates to an old lady, who pleased lord Ganesh with her staunch loyalty and faith in the God. On being asked to take boon, the old lady hesitated first, but on being reassured by lord Ganesh, she brought this matter to her family members. They respectively told her to ask for this and that boon out of their own selfishness. Later, she brought this matter to someone, who advised her to request lord Ganesh to bless her with eyesight. After listening to advice of everyone, finally the elderly woman asked to lord Ganesh, “O Lord! Bless me with sound health, eyesight and progeny. At this lord Ganesh smiled and said a boon should be granted for one thing, not for all things asked together. However, since lord Ganesh was pleased with her staunch devotions and faith, he fulfilled all her wishes. Since then this vrat is being called Siddhi Vinayak, considering it fulfills one’s all wishes.

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