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2024 Libra Yearly General HoroscopeKnow Planetary Situation Of Your 2024 Libra Planetary Transit Horoscope

2024 Libra Planetary Transit Horoscope offers you a one-touch point solution for everything that has been bothering you for a very long time. Be it the problem in your finance, career, love life, health or marriage, solutions through Libra Horoscope can meaningfully bring every problem to its effective solution.It also let you know the effects of Jupiter Transit, Saturn Transit, Sun, Rahu Ketu Transit and other transits in Libra zodiac kundli. At PavitraJyotish.com, We accurately capture placement zodiac, create detailed Libra daily Astrology, Libra weekly Astrology, Libra monthly Astrology, Libra yearly Astrology and Libra Compatibility give you a fair insight into your life, and also help you understand what the future holds for you.

According to the planetary transit of the year 2024 for Libra, the conditions will be as follows.


In this year 2024, the Sun will transit in happiness from January 14, Suta bhav gat from February 13, disease from March 14, Dara Bhavgat on April 13, Eighth house from May 14, Dharma Bhavgat from June 14, Karma Bhavgat from July 16, Income on August 16, Expenditure on September 16, and Marriage Bhavgat on October 17.  On November 16, wealth will transit, on December 15, power will transit.


Due to its transiting intensity, the Moon continues to move in two and a half constellations i.e. one zodiac for about two and a half days. We should understand the transit of the moon from Aries to Pisces throughout the year in this zodiac sign.


Mars will transit happily in this year 2024, from February 05. From March 15, Suta will transit emotionally. From 23rd April, the disease will go viral. From June 1, Dara will transit. From July 12, the eighth house will be transiting and from August 26, destiny will transit. From October 20, karma will transit. And on December 06, the retrograde motion will change.


Mercury will transit in 2024 from January 2. On January 7, the power will be transiting. On February 01, happiness will transit. And on February 20, Sut will go on a spiritual journey. On March 7, the disease will be transiting. On March 26, Dara will transit. On April 2, the retrograde will transit and on April 9, the disease will be transited. On May 25, Margi and On May 10, Dara will transit. And on May 31, the eighth house will transit. On June 14, luck will transit. On June 29, karma bhav will transit. And on July 19, income will increase. On August 5, Vakri and on August 22, Retrograde karma will transit. On August 28, margi and on September 4, income will transit. On September 23, the expenses will be emotional and on October 10, the marriage will be transit. On October 29, money will transit. On November 26, Retrograde will transit on December 15.


Now in Aries. Jupiter will transit in Taurus Sign from May 01, 2024. Know your future and solutions. You should avail a Personalised Jupiter Transit Report.


Venus will transit on January 18, 2024. And on February 12, there will be a happy atmosphere. And on March 7, Suta will transit emotionally. And on March 31, the disease will transit. From April 24, Dara will transit, on May 19, on May 19, the eighth house and on June 12, fate will transit. On July 06, karma will transit. On July 31, income will increase. On August 24, expenses will increase. And from September 18, the marriage will be transiting emotionally. On October 13, money will transit. And on November 06, you will be able to transmit your strength. On December 2, there will be a happy atmosphere. And on December 28, Suta will transit emotionally.


Saturn will transit in Aquarius in the year 2024. Know your future and solutions. You should avail a Personalised Saturn Transit Report.


Rahu will transit in the Pisces sign in the year 2024.


Ketu will transit in Virgo in the year 2024.

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