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Pisces Overview Horoscope PavitraJyotishRevealing What Makes You Stronger Characteristically – Pisces Overview

Pisces Characteristic – Pisces Traits, Personality and Lucky Numbers Details

People of Pisces Zodiac Sign reveal certain behavioral Pisces Characteristics like intuitive, gentle, wise, or fear-stricken and melancholy. What does your Pisces Personality tell about you? Want to know? Consult our expert today and get to know your Pisces overview. Team PavitraJyotish does a deeper analysis of your zodiac revealing good or bad things to happen in your life with Pisces Lucky Numbers, qualities and Pisces Traits to nullify malefic elements from your life.


Short, full and plumpy figure with considerably small hand and feet, soft and silky hair, fair complexion, sparkling face, attractive and handsome, eyes big and protruding, shoulders muscular and spherical, dimpled chin.


Not an impressive figure, restless, imaginative and romantic upright, honest and humane, changeable temper, swayed by the opinion of others, lacks self-confidence. Extremely sympathetic, forgiving, generous, honest and reliable. Understands own abilities and this quality stands as an impediment in progress, Orthodox, extremely superstitious, reserved, God-fearing, rigid in observation of religious customs and practices, cannot see suffering even in animals and renders assistance, lacks ambition and finds difficult to make speedily progress in the material zone. Two occupations, adept in any new branch he pursues, make a good employee. Proves successful in transactions dealing with liquids and spirits. They gain in export-import business, liable to suffer from gastric troubles and injury in ankles and feet.

Happy married and domestic life prefers the beauty of partner, intellectual pursuits and fine arts, often two marriage, influenced by a partner. Prosperity during the age of 27 to 43, suffers during the age of 44 to 60, fortunate during the age of 61 to 69, 8, 13, 36 and 48 are the inauspicious years of life. What kind of life do you want to enjoy during seven and a half years of Sade Sati? Positive and prosperous one? If yes, choose our Sade Sati Report.