About Katrina Kaif

Date : June 30, 2018  | Author : Astrologer Umesh

Introduction Katrina Kaif – Famous Actress and Model

Katrina Kaif is a well known name in Bollywood, Indian film industry. She is English actress now working in Hindi films.

Katrina Kaif is a famous Indian film actress and model. She is born on 16th July 1984 in Hong Kong. Her father Mohammad Kaif was an English business person born in Kashmir. Her mother remains busy doing lot of charity work. Her parents got divorced when she was age at 6 then. Her mother raised her along with her elder and younger sibling sisters. An Indian film director saw her performing at a fashion show in London. He offered Katrina a role in Indian film. Her first film “Boom” did not go well. However, she got number of rolls as a model. Katrina has also dome some modeling projects successfully. She kept receiving roles to perform in Hindi films. She has also performed in Telugu and Malayalam films as well. However, things did not work well for her in relationship. In spite of all odds she is now a popular female actress in Bollywood.

Astrological Highlights and Horoscope analysis

Astrological Analysis About Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif, famous Indian film actress and model is born with Cancer Ascendant. Cancer is measured as a complex one, both at its best and in worst. Cancer is one of the most intriguing sign of the zodiac. Ruled by Moon, the moody, temperamental Cancer is sensitive, emotional, watery sign and can be closely associated to its animal symbol ‘Crab’. The tenacious exterior shell of most Cancer subjects belies their super soft, benevolent; nurturing side, which to be fair to them is truly their trademark.

Venus and crafty Mercury are positioned in the Ascendant. This gives her good attractive looks and also be intelligent. Ruler of the Ascendant Moon is in a fixed natured last of air sign Aquarius known for humanitarian approach and stationed in the eighth house. Ruler of the eighth house Saturn is also ruler of the seventh house. Saturn is exalted in Libra and positioned with Mars in the fourth house. Both Saturn and Mars have direct aspect over the tenth house. This keeps her active all the time. She has made her name in Indian film industry by working hard and accepting different kind of role. Sun owns the second house, linked with finance and family mainly. Sun is in air sign Gemini and positioned in the 12th house. She is to feel at times unhappy with her family life. Benevolent Jupiter is in its own sign Sagittarius and gets placed in the sixth house in opposition to Sun. Malefic shadow planet Rahu is in Taurus and placed in the eleventh house and its counterpart Ketu is in a water sign Scorpio and placed in the fifth house.

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Effects of transiting planets in near future

Wily Saturn moves through the sixth house in her chart while transiting in a dual natured last of fire sign Sagittarius. Saturn keeps traversing in Sagittarius during years 2018 and whole of the year 2019. During this movement Saturn crosses over radical position of Jupiter in the sixth house. This indicates that Katrina Kaif is able to strike it big here. She can get role in film which enhances her reputation as actress. Some big banner is to offer her a role. Progressive forces are to work effectively for her. However, she needs to be prepared to accept new challenges to make desired level of progress.

Malefic shadow planets Rahu –Ketu are currently traversing in Cancer and Capricorn respectively. Rahu moves through the Ascendant and Ketu through the seventh house. She is to assert herself strongly during this movement. From around March 2019 both change signs. Rahu enters air sign Gemini and moves through the 12th house. Ketu enters Sagittarius and moves in company with wily Saturn through the sixth house. Movement of Ketu with Saturn does not sound a happy proposition for Katrina Kaif. She has to work for extended hours to keep her position secured as successful female actress.

From May 2018 Mars traverses in its sign of exaltation Capricorn till around beginning of November 2018. Mars now moves through the seventh house along with Ketu in the seventh house. Transiting Mars influences the Ascendant and the tenth house. Mars moves in opposition to radical position of Venus and Mercury stationed in the Ascendant. Now Katrina Kaif is to be in mood to accept new challenges and perform at her best. Some new relationship is also likely to take shape here. This can lead to have a long term serious relationship for Katrina Kaif. She needs to remain temperamentally correct to benefit from progressive forces working effectively. Want to know your marriage prospect? What causes delay in your marriage? Choose love and marriage prospects and know about your relationship prospect better.

From around beginning of August 2018 till end of the year, Venus traverses in its own sign Libra and moves through the fourth. During transit through the fourth house Venus crosses over radical positions of Saturn and Mars stationed in the fourth house. She may opt for a new place to reside. She can look to take measures to give her residence a fresh look. Movement of Venus here can also lead to shaping of new relationship. This is indicative of kind of smooth sailing for Katrina Kaif during this movement of Venus.

Benevolent Jupiter currently moves in retrograde mode in Libra and traverse through the fourth house. Jupiter becomes direct in motion from July 10th. This is to enhance intensity of positive vibes of Jupiter. During this movement Jupiter crosses over radical position of wily Saturn and Mars stationed in the fourth house. Transit of Jupiter over radical position of Saturn indicates to learning few things to enhance her performance and in relationship as well. Jupiter becomes direct in motion from July 10th. This is to enhance intensity of positive vibes of Jupiter. Katrina Kaif has to accept new challenges to move ahead on road to progress. This movement also indicates that she may go to buy more Gold jewelry here.

Jupiter enters a fixed natured water sign Scorpio around beginning of October 2018. She is to be more passionate about putting her best as a female actress. This is indicative of good luck period for her. Jupiter enters its own sign Sagittarius around March 2019. Jupiter soon turns retrograde in Sagittarius and reenters Scorpio. This movement of Jupiter in retrograde mode seems time for Katrina to look back and take due measure to enhance her acting ability. From around October 2018 Jupiter again enters own sign Sagittarius. This is indicative of kind of expensive time for her. She needs to handle her finance carefully and avoid being extravagant. In regard to her career as actress, progressive forces are to work effectively. A prosperous time as well is envisaged.

Summarizing after due deliberation about movements of major stars as mentioned above  during years 2018 and 2019 indicates eventful and challenging time coupled with prosperous time for Katrina Kaif.

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