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Published On : December 2, 2015  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Detailed Narrative About Astrology And Its Values

Two Words for My Astrology Lovers

My dear astrology lovers,


A thought to share my astrological knowledge with all of you was lingering in my mind for many times. Now, that time has come. I am sorry that due to lack of time, I couldn’t start it as early as possible. Maybe, my attempt regarding ‘Learn Astrology’ was leaning more on sharing an in-depth secret of astrological concepts through my official website.

The foundation of our “Learn Astrology” is based on Vedic Astrology. Without learning it (Vedic Astrology), it is too difficult to understand the cryptic nature of Astrology. Comparing modern authors with erstwhile sages is groundless. Therefore, under such circumstances, my attempt would be to compile each and every chain of astrological facts, including fundamental knowledge, as proven by mythology.

Every section of society, every living being, the less fortunes, elderly, male and female, and everyone wants to test the environment around them. They want to steer clear the growth of their future by taking lessons from the past and following the righteous path. They want to be cautious for their tomorrow.

I have been into Astrological Services for many years. I have studied countless horoscopes. Reading and writing are my hobbies. I have a big library consisting of countless books written by scholars. I was smitten with the idea of how people would take benefit out of such an ocean of knowledge.

I would spare no pains in my efforts to present to you the correct version of ancient Indian astrology. I will try to make my readers understand, especially about the planetary results detailing in initial and resultant astrology. The need of astrology is felt everywhere in our modern society. It is one of the most effective tools used in countless fields, including education, business, job, rise & fall, travel, disease, death, love, love, etc.

Based on the astrological knowledge, an individual can adapt to his life’s broader plans. Every man encounters several types of problems in their lives. By wadding through such difficult circumstances, they finally become able to move ahead toward their set goal in lives. When a man confides his belief into warmness and compassion of God, he gets confidence in times of crisis. Only after going through hard episodes in life, a person gets a sense of a bright future. Every problem that someone faces is the reflection of his past karma, which horoscope can predict in its exact context. Due to horoscope, a person can understand the divine cycle of his life and can accordingly work his way toward success, with a boosted spirit of confidence.

For everyone, his work is of supreme importance above other priorities. A right deed can be measured based on religious theories. According to astrology, a person can’t fathom the energy controlled by his past karma. This means, a person is bond to his self-will, in order to control his life. An important goal of astrology is to make you aware of your past karma and its results so as to help you steer ahead your life on religious path. Driven to this goal, “Learn Astrology” chapter is being published on my website. I would deem it my utmost gratefulness and accomplishment of my efforts, if everything published here on the website would serve your interests, to your satisfaction.

At last, due to the facility of computer system at the disposal of readers or students, they don’t have to rely on the deep study of mathematics, geography, and other subjects. Every reader/student is focused on resultant astrology and its Remedies. Our attempt resonates with such interests of these students/readers. Hopefully, you would conduct deep study of astrology and attain profound knowledge in it. I am sure, you’d like it very much.


Yours sincerely,

Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant

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