Love, Marriage and Astrology in Horoscope

Published On : October 27, 2016  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Standing Of Relationship Status In Astrological Viewpoints

Love, Marriage, and Astrology

Love, Marriage and Astrology in Horoscope. Love to a human being is what water is to a plant.  It is essential for a healthy mind and healthy body.  What is not being loved and talked to can be experienced in solitary confinement which is the worst form of a punishment one can undergo.  Life itself would have lost meaning to that individual. Get Love and Marriage Horoscope by Love and Marriage Prospects Report.

The planet Venus in astrology is associated with Love.  Venus is also karaka for marriage. Although Jupiter is supposed to bring about the marriage (whether “guru phalan” has come for the bride or groom) it is actually Venus who determines what kind of married life one will have-whether it will be pleasant, passable or problematic. Know about your Love And Marriage Prospects with a loved one by Love Marriage Problem Solution Astrologer in Delhi.

Is marriage compatibility checking beneficial before marriage?

In Western countries, there is a system of “dating” where the boy and girl go out and try to read each other under different circumstances and in the process come to some conclusion if each is suitable to the other. But in India and in some other countries of the world, this system is not very prevalent.  Therefore recourse can be had to astrology to know the compatibility between the two.

A case study is discussed.  This is an actual case where the boy and girl worked in the same organization and loved each other for almost 2 years and then married.  Since this is a case of love marriage or Arranged Marriage, they concluded that they know each other well enough and there are very good mental compatibility and physical attraction and therefore there is no need to match the horoscope.  The problem started showing up after the first child was born. The boy was drawn to a friend of the girl who used to frequent the house.Know Your Detailed Janampatri By PavitraJyotish

A time came when the boy started staying with the wife’s friend in her apartment which she had rented out for herself.  Although they did not get married, they stayed together in the same apartment.  They found each other’s company very agreeable.  The charts of the boy and girl who first loved for 2 years and then got married are given below for analysis to check if this type of Marital Problems could have been foreseen if the horoscope compatibility was checked before they married

Love, Marriage and Astrology - Marital ProblemsIn the above case, Dina Koota is missing, Rasi koota is missing and there is Nakshatra Vedai between the two.

Let us now understand the meaning and significance of the missing kootas.

The Dina koota missing indicates that the intensity of the relationship is missing.  Although they were physically attracted initially, the intensity in the relationship indicated by Dina Koota was absent as the Dina Koota was absent.  Thus the relationship was only superficial and when a more attractive person arrived on the scene, this relationship broke up.

The second missing link in the marriage was Rasi Koota.  The Rasi Koota indicates the mutual compatibility at the mental level.  This indicates whether their ideas are similar and whether they are at ease with each other.  When the mental compatibility is there, what one person thinks, the other will be able to understand immediately without so much communication.  In fact, when there is perfect mental compatibility it works as if there is telepathy between the two.  If one thinks of a thing, the thought transference takes place to the other person  When such a situation is there obviously, there is no room that anyone will look for outsiders for comfort.

The Nakshatra Vedai also played its role in bringing about the disharmony in the marriage.  The Nakshatra vedai indicates chances for disagreement in the marriage.  It was very evident in the compatibility match that there is Nakshatra Vedai and chances of disagreement are pretty high in the marriage.

Matching of the horoscope before the marriage could have brought to light all these factors and then an informed decision could have been taken.  We can hear you asking “When matching is done before the marriage is there a guarantee that the marriage will be successful?  There are many failed marriages/divorces happening where the Horoscope Matching was done prior to marriage”.

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Here we need to take into account two facts.  One is that the matching is done only between the bride and groom.  After the marriage, there are others coming into the picture such as the mother in law, father in law, sister in law (especially if it is a joint family these influences are bound to be there).  We have seen compatibility only between the two viz. bride and groom and not between the bride and these people.  At least applicable compatibilities such as Dina, Gana, and Rasi could be seen between the bride and those who are staying with the pair.  This will give an indication as to whether there is likely to be relationship problem arising between the bride and groom because of other people involved.

The second fact is when we do the matching, we need to pay close attention to the missing compatibilities and see how best it can be overcome.  For example, in the above case the Moon sign in the two charts are in 6/8 position (this is called Shasta-ashtama) and the indications are that the ideas of the two persons will be very dissimilar. When the mental compatibility is missing, the couple, when they go ahead with the marriage,  should realize that they need to increase the communication levels between them.  They should not assume that the other person will automatically understand.  Each should explain clearly the logic involved in their action.

PavitraJyotish has a product Marital Problem Analysiswhere you can provide the birth details of both the intending partners and get a detailed report with explanations of the missing kootas and what can be done about it.  If you find the missing kootas to be quite high and the significance of the missing kootas are quite important for you, you can just drop the proposal and go for another one.

What can be done if you are already married and find married life is not that good

Where you are already married, with or without matching of horoscope but empirically find that the married life is lackluster, you can avail the product Marital Problem Analysis even for married couples.  The report will tell you areas where you are not communicating with your partner and also suggest simple solutions which can make your married life glow with exuberance.

By PavitraJyotish.com Team

The health of a marriage life depends on mutual respect between the spouse. Know your marriage and solution that can solve its problems. Get your question solved.

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