Surya Shashti Vrat

Published On : July 14, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Surya Shashti Vrat And Its Importance

Dedicated to lord Sun and deity Chhath, the festival of Surya Shashthi is the giver of utmost auspicious results as believed in Hindu religion. This is celebrated every year in Shashthi of Chaitra Shukla during Kartik Shukla Shashthi. The primary importance of this festival mainly lies in States like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh (West) and Jharkhand, apart from other countries in the world where celebration of this festival takes place, enthusiastically. People anywhere in the world, who worship lord Sun, celebrate Surya Shashti vrat, considering it is the most ancient, Vaidik and mythological vrat due to its connection with lord Sun and deity Shashthi. On the other hand, this is very rigorous Anusthan and Vrat of utmost reverence and religiosity. Manifestation of rejuvenation, fame and other results happens in a person’s life due to the effect of observing this vrat. Mythological books like Rigveda, Vishnu Purana, Ramayana, and Mahabharata, etc. contain the texted version of worships and fasting rituals related to lord Sun. Whatever were the circumstances, like the one related to Gods losing their kingdom, lord Sun came to the rescue of divine beings, warriors and devotees in their tough times and blessed them with fearlessness. Due to being celebrated on Chhath tithi, it is called Surya Shashthi festival, which also involves worshipping deity Shashthi, because lord Sun and deity Shashti both are considered siblings to each other. Lord Sun is a part of Five Family of divinity called Panch Dev. This means, any worship; big or small, is considered improper or there is a lingering fear of being unsuccessful, if lord Sun is not worshipped. Surya Shashthi Vrat is followed by every man and woman. Because Sun is the soul of everyone. Without him, to maintain balance in nature is impossible. Therefore, revering Sun is considered big and greater festival, as it is the source of water, light and life. And, everyone celebrates this festival enthusiastically. The duration of this festival is of four days. Preparation of it starts from the day fourth or Chauth. Delicious items of different variants are cooked as per the family custom, while keeping in mind of sanctity and time related to Surya puja and Shashthi tithi, which also involves collecting necessary items like fruits, scented flowers. Devotees; men and women, follow this vrat without drinking water or eating any food item. On Shashthi, at Sundown, devotees offer their prayer to lord Sun, worship him, and offer Arghya on next day or Saptami. Special attention is paid on conducting sanitation and decoration of Ganga and other water reservoirs dedicated to this festival. In towns where shortage of water reservoirs is often an issue, a temporary water pool is constructed to socially organize worshipping of lord Sun. Everyone gathers around the water pool and offers Arghya to lord Sun, and worship him.

Surya Shashthi Vrat And Its Puja

Sanctity and purification are very important to maintain to do this vrat. Devotees gear up for this vrat since the day of Chaturthi of Chaitra Shukla and Kartika. They offer delicious items cooked at home, besides fruits, flowers and sweets to lord Surya Narayana. They wish for good luck for others. They also wish for peace in country and world. Women devotees sing devotional local songs while celebrating Surya Shashti vrat.

Story Of Surya Shashthi vrat

There are countless stories we find in our religious texts related to the festival of Surya Shashti vrat. Among them is related to the defeat of Gods and their efforts to please lord Vishnu. To say otherwise, this vrat means observing Suryopasana (praying to lord Sun) on Shashthi and Saptami tithi to please lord Sun and gain victory in a war. Another story relates to lord Rama and Goddess Sita, who worshipped lord Sun on Surya Shashthi and Saptami tithi. Thus, there are many important stories related to the festival.

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