Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope17 December to 23 December 2018: This week you will be ready to make your business more profitable. At the same time you will also make efforts to showcase you products and advertise them in the far off places. You will need to think more about various means of advertising and publicity so that you can make a place in the market. However, there can be some health related issues like headache and shoulder pain. Your health will get better in the second phase of the week. You will get an upper hand in the business as well. There will be more happiness in your married life. The third phase will be more hectic and you would need to go different places for your work. This may again have some impact on your health. You would need to focus more on your routine and lifestyle. There will be stress in your love life. There will be academic progress in the weekend. A detailed 2019 Quarterly Predictions will help you make the correct decision in the year 2019.