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Published On : May 24, 2020  |  Author : Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Personality Traits Of Dominic Thiem As Analysed Astrologically

Dominic Thiem – Austrian Professional Tennis Player

Austrian tennis sensation, Dominic Thiem, was born on 3 September 1993 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. Wolfgang and Karin Thiem are his parents, coaching tennis players. His younger brother, Moritz Thiem is also a professional tennis sportsperson. Though Dominic was born in Wiener Neustadt but he grew up in Lichtenwörth. His playing tennis became at the age of six and began playing the sports at the age of nine under the tutelage of his coach, Günter Bresnik. Dominic holds a position of world No. 3, his career-high ATP ranking which he first achieved on 2 March 2020. His victory includes 16 ATP Tour singles titles.

Being discussed here is astrological analysis on the life of famous tennis player of Austrian, Dominic Thiem in the given horoscope chart and following narrative.

Birth Details of Dominic Thiem are as per given below:

Date of Birth: September 03, 1993, Birth Day: Friday, Birth Time: 07:00:00 hrs, Birth Place: Wiener, Neustadt, Austria

Dominic Thiem Horoscope Chart PavitraJyotish

Astrology Highlights and Short Analysis

Dominic Thiem, Austrian Professional Tennis Player is born with mighty Sun in own sign Leo Zodiac Sign. So his Sun sign is Leo. Leo is a fixed nature fire sign and ruled by Sun.

The fifth Zodiac Sign Leo is symbolised by regal, royal Lion. Elegance personified, the Lions are confident and extrovert, and akin to Lion. Undeniably, Lions, possess ample leadership skills, but sadly it borders on to arrogance sometimes. The one going against their wishes, choices or demands, may not be seen in good light by Leo, at least initially. Hence they are bound to be misunderstood  by people around them. In reality Leo Sun sign natives are warm hearted and magnanimous people. Chivalrous and inherently generous, Lions are considered to be bold, brazen and powerful, both in action and speech. When it comes to relationships – be it professional, personal or social – Lions often ending up taking the centre stage with their powerful presence as always.

In solar chart Sun is in fire sign Leo along with Mercury. This conjunction of Sun and Mercury forms ‘Budhaditya Yoga’. This leads person to rise by his own intelligence. Venus being ruler of the tenth house is in a cardinal water sign Cancer and gets positioned in the 12th house. This indicates that Dominic Thiem has won many tennis matches in other countries.  However, Dominic Thiem, Austrian Tennis Player inclines to buy luxury often. Mars rules the fourth and the ninth house. Mars is in a dual nature earth sign Virgo and along with Jupiter is stationed in the second house linked with finance and family. This position supports Dominic Thiem to remain in a strong position on financial front. Moon rules the 12th house. Moon is in a dual nature last of water sign Pisces and situated in the 12th house. Moon in direct opposition supports ‘Gaj Kesari Yoga’. This Yoga leads a person to have own residential place and have a comfortable vehicle. Wily Saturn is retrograde in own sign Aquarius and stationed in the seventh house.  This position can pollute harmony in married life. Dominic Thiem needs to keep cool and care about sensibilities of life partner and aim at preserving harmony and warmth in marital life. Shadow planet Rahu is in a fix nature water sign Scorpio and positioned in the fourth house. Malefic Ketu is in first of earth sign Taurus and placed in the tenth house. This position keeps Dominic Thiem, Austrian Tennis Player active and determined to achieve his objective about winning the match.

In Chalit chart, Retrograde Saturn shifts in the sixth house.

In Navmansha D 9 chart, Jupiter and retrograde Saturn are exalted and hence gather strength.

In D10 chart, Jupiter is in own sign Sagittarius and placed in the ninth house. Retrograde Saturn is own sign Aquarius and positioned in the eleventh house. Mighty Sun is in the tenth house. These positions surely support Dominic Thiem, Austrian Tennis Player to succeed as a talented tennis player.

After viewing position of planets in Leo solar chart and deliberating on effect of transit by major planets, we try to view prospects of Dominic Thiem in near future.Get your Love Ask A Question

Wily currently Saturn Transit in own sign Capricorn and moves through the sixth house. Saturn moves in opposition to natal position of Venus situated in the 12th house. Saturn moving through the sixth house has an eye over natal Moon placed in the eighth house. This movement and aspects of Saturn moving through the sixth house can lead to change in traits of Dominic Thiem, Austrian Tennis Player. Dominic Thiem looks for soft option to push ahead his prospects in general. Dominic Thiem has to exert more to mark his name as most talented tennis player.

Shadow currently planet Rahu Transit in air sign Gemini and moves through the eleventh house in solar chart. Rahu moving through the eleventh house presents illusionary opportunity to benefit monetarily. Dominic Thiem, Austrian Tennis Player needs to stick to basics and have a look at ground reality and make move accordingly. Malefic Ketu currently transits in last of fire sign Sagittarius and moves through the fifth house. This movement of malefic Ketu does not seem to be much rewarding.

Jupiter currently transits in earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn. Jupiter has become retrograde now. Both major planets Saturn and Jupiter move in retrograde mode through the sixth house. This movement of two major planets in retrograde movement can stall movement of progressive forces. However, his present position is maintained. Dominic Thiem, Austrian Tennis Player spends time doing exercises and do things to keep him fit enough.

From end of June 2020, Jupiter moving in retrograde mode enters own sign Sagittarius and start moving through the fifth house in solar chart.  From around end of September 2020, Jupiter becomes direct in motion. Jupiter moving through the fifth house has aspect over natal Sun and Mercury stationed in the first house in solar chart. This movement and influence of Jupiter pushes progressive forces to work much effectively. In turn, Dominic Thiem gets opportunity to prove him as talented tennis player. Dominic Thiem stands to win few prestigious matches during this movement and positive influence of Jupiter. Dominic Thiem, Austrian Tennis Player also gets handsome financial gain here.

Two major planets Saturn and Jupiter moving through own house, surely indicates some major development for betterment of Dominic Thiem in near future.

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