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PavitraJyotish Astrology and myriad of its other services, including Horoscope Predictions, provide highly-effective and result-oriented solutions for anything problematic that a person experiences in various aspects of his life, such as health, education, career, marriage, relationship or anything else. Provided by one of the Best Online Astrologers in India, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant and a team of efficient and highly-qualified astrologers, PavitraJyotish today is a name to be identified for giving out amazing results in people’s life, such as peace, happiness, fame, harmony, success and prosperity like never before.

About Founder Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Message From The PavitraJyotish Founder

As astrology has gradually evolved itself to be a highly-bankable and life-transformative curative measure against the oddity of circumstances faced by the humankind, we at Pavitra Jyotish assert our principle of upholding the sanctity of astrology in healing the needy against everyday sufferings, miseries, plights, and a myriad of multi-thronged problems caused by malefic cosmic interferences or vicious celestial factors.

I, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant, have cultivated profoundly-deep knowledge and expertise in the occult science of Indian Vedic astrology through more than 34 years (Since 1988) of arduous study of the same, serving the needy with the healing touch of my astrological insights and experience. Based on my experiential insight of Vedic Astrology’s infinite power and immeasurable healing capacities, I am undoubtedly convinced that it holds transformative solutions to anything problematic in a person’s life, inspiring them to embrace the divine outcome of a balanced living experience.

Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant

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Horoscope Predictions

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Complimentary Predictions, From The House Of PavitraJyotish

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Daily Horoscope

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What does your zodiac sign tell about you for the day? Find out in comprehensive daily horoscope predictions by leading astrologer, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant. Hundred percent satisfactory horoscope prediction.

Weekly Horoscope

Read More - Weekly Horoscope

Prophetical revelations to your week-wise activities in our weekly horoscope, a highly recommended report and reading of horoscope to know and plan your weekly activities without running into risky deadlock.

Monthly Horoscope

Read More - Monthly Horoscope

What does this month stand for you? Harbinger of great opportunity or nuptial engagement? Find out in this detailed monthly horoscope that includes monthly astrological overview of every aspect of your life.

Yearly Horoscope

Read More - Yearly Horoscope

Accurate and dependable yearly horoscope for all 12 zodiac sign that gives you guidance and correct direction to plan your actions in your career, business or any aspect of your life.

Astrological Solutions

Know How To Find A Solution Through Horoscope Astrology

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Career Problems Solution Astrology

Know More About Career

A befitting solution to anything problematic in your professional endeavour by profoundly-educated expert.

Marriage Problems Solution Astrology

Know More About Marriage

An apt solution to your marital quandary and problems, with the result of everlasting conjugal harmony.

Love Problems Solution Astrology

Know More About Love

A perfect curative measure for anything problematic in your love life, creating harmonious union.

Financial Problems Solution Astrology

Know More About Finance

A great remedial measure for an endless flow of financial growth and security in your life.

blogs and Predictions

Your Vantage Point To Astrology

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General Astrology Article

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Get a glimpse of horoscope and its relative impacts in the lives of world famous celebrities. Included herewith is detailed information about lunar eclipse and other astrological facts in detailed analysis.

Transits of Planets

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A comprehensive and full-fledged guidance into planetary transits and their relative impact in a person’s life. Detailed descriptions of transit of planets are covered in this section, a holistic overview.

Astrology Remedies and Tips

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A detailed overview of astrology remedies and tips with presentable information to help you get educated of remedial suggestions of your astrological problems. This session includes high quality astro details.

Festival and Pooja Articles

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Know festivals and Pooja and their pious impacts in the life of individuals in the dedicated articles. Each of the article is discursive by nature, including details of substantial values.


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An insightful section providing astrologically-studied details of all political personalities around the world.


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A dedicated section providing astrologically-analysed details of sports personalities and around the world.


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Explore famous celebrities in India and around the world with their respective astrological analysis.


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Our insightful updates that delve into the life of business personalities as seen and studied astrologically.

An Acknowledged Expert In The Field Of Astrology

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Best Astrologer 2020

With scholarly excellence in the occult science of Astrology and deep expertise in the accurate Horoscope and astrological predictions, learned and renowned Astrologer In South Delhi of India, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant, offers curative and remedial solutions through online astrology and personal consultations.

Born in Brahmin family, Umesh Pant has etched his reputation as the most renowned astrologer for Best Horoscope Predictions in the minds of people whom he had served with a note of distinction and sheer professionalism. He is regarded as the Best Astrologer in Delhi, India, kudos to his profound knowledge and expertise in Vedic astrology, besides being learned in Worship and Vaastu science.

Because of his immense expertise in Indian Vedic astrology cultivated through years of studying and practising the same, his unique therapeutic methods developed by harnessing the mystique healing power of astrology have made his name to reckon with in the field of Vedic astrology in India. Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant commands reverence for providing miraculous healing effects in the life of people victimized by malefic cosmic factors by using his profound astrological insights, a feat he achieved through many years of tireless practice.

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Providing Critical Solutions, To Simplify Every Life

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Our Vision – We aspire to be the most accurate and dependable horoscope Astrology Guidance provider not only for people in South Delhi, India but in the whole world. Our growing clientele and their growing trust in us is to enable us to achieve our goal. We make you aware your unforeseen problems and guide you to handle these in a way so as to cause the least harm. We suggest alternate ways to resolve your issues successfully. Pavitra Jyotish Kendra – Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant – Chief Astrologer is working ceaselessly for almost fifteen years, to be “Your own Astrologer”.

Our Mission – To provide accurate and in-depth analysis of problems narrated by our esteemed clients and provide effective solutions for their cause.

We Believe – In providing the right remedy which is easy to follow, working well to reduce the intensity of malefic influences, as indicated in your Birth chart.

Our Astrology services are carefully designed to aid people in addressing and solving problems in any area of their life. No wonder, our clients regularly praise and recommend us. In turn, we look forward to their testimonials and feedback, utilizing them to better ourselves at every juncture. Our consistently growing clientele goes to prove that we have managed to establish trust among our followers. Basing our Online Astrology Services and guidance on the principles of devotion and truth, we now hope to soon expand our reach to a larger audience base. Our Online Astrological Guidance are high quality, accurate, effective, according to jyotish shastra and reliable. Consult PavitraJyotish, Best Online Vedic Astrologers India and get Accurate Horoscope Predictions and Effective Solutions.

Words Of Appreciations Endorsing Our Quality Astrology

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Bespoke Solutions, As Conceived By Astrology

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Career Horoscope

Know About Career Horoscope

How are my career prospects? Find out solutions for bleak and gloomy career situations in your life with renowned astrologer, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant. Get to know of your career scope.

Planetary Transit

Know About Planetary Transit

Know what planetary transit in your kundali and its relative impact in your life with our planetary transit prediction, a totally personalised astro solution helping you with the practical guidance.

Love and Marriage

Know About Love and Marriage

Not sure when you’re going to tie the knot? Find out this in our love and marriage horoscope report, an exclusively presented detail unfolding mystery behind stuck-up love and marriage.

Personal Horoscope

Know About Personal Horoscope

Reliable astro solution in our personal horoscope at your disposal now, with brief consultation with leading astrologer at Pavitra Jyotish Kendra. Get the solutions that let you see your growth.

Holy Rituals, Conducted To Prosper Every Life

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Laxmi Puja

Book Your Laxmi Puja

Invoke deity of fortune to your home and in your life with our devotional Laxmi Puja, a religious offering dedicated to dependable service for your needs to energize your place.

Durga Puja

Book Your Durga Puja

We have team of experts performing Durga Puja in the most devotional and religious manner. Bless your life with fortune and prosperity with timely availability of Durga Puja at PavitraJyotish.

Shiv Puja

Book Your Shiv Puja

We offer Maha shiva Special Poojan by expert Pundit in Vedic rituals and other forms to bring in your life positivity and cure for planetary doshas, as well as spiritual bliss.

Navgrah Puja

Book Your Navgrah Puja

Our Navgrah Puja is dedicated to reducing negative impacts of all the nine planets and their cyclic transit in your kundali. This puja is ritualised with mantras under religious disciplines.

Puja for Wealth

Book Your Puja for Wealth

Gain success and continuing growth in your financial aspect of life with our puja for wealth.

Puja for Health

Book Your Puja for Health

Be the owner of sound fitness, both mentally and physically, with our puja for health.

Puja for Peace

Book Your Puja for Peace

Effective puja for peace, a ritual we have years of expertise in doing to your satisfaction.

Puja for Marriage

Book Your Puja for Marriage

A perfect remedial measure to have an everlasting and harmonious marital union for you.





Result-Oriented Solutions, Through The Prism Of Astrology

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Know More About Gemstones

Know what gemstone can empower your planetary energy to give a life full of bright opportunity and auspicious occurrences. Gateway to lab-certified original gemstones to reduce negative vibes in your life.


Know More About Rudraksha

The mystic power of Rudraksha beads hold elusive energy force that brings forth peace and fortune in the life of wearer of Siddh Rudraksha. Find your recommended Rudraksha for endless fortune.

Powerful Yantra

Know More About Yantra

Powerful Yantra is ritualised by holy mantras. Therefore, it contains subtle cosmic energy and delivers sure success in the life of wearer. Get powerful Yantra for peace, growth, and fortune.

Locket Yantra

Know More About Locket

Available in different range, find out locket Yantra in accordance with astrological recommendation by our renowned astrologer, Pt. Umesh Ji. These lockets can impact your life in a more positive way.


Astrology is now an unmistakable therapeutic application since the Indian Vedic astrology has evolved into a highly reputable and trusted curative mechanism for providing grief-stricken individuals with perhaps the most dependable healing touch by harnessing the mystique power inherited by the divinatory practices of astrology. With the occult rituals and standardized processes constituting a meticulous analysis of problems faced by an individual and their relationship with celestial or planetary origins, astrology is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after approaches maintained to provide restorative experience to a person against misery or sorrows of any nature.

What Does Make Astrology So Important?

The principle nature of providing an effective remedial solution to anything problematic in a life of a person is what underscores the significance of astrology as a divinatory practice. It serves the underlying purpose of making an individual informed about the course of his life as affected or influenced by the planetary positions and zodiac signs indicating the native’s birth time as demonstrated in his horoscope. Astrology involves the fundamental techniques known as casting nativities. It leads to the discovery or cognisance of a native’s birth time and its study consistent with the position of the cosmic bodies to ensure an accurate analysis of the life of the native is made. Eventually, it lays the ground for an effective solution to a native’s existing problems.

Astrology As A Scientific Remedial Resort To Solve Problems

In contrast to naysayers downplaying the significance of astrological application as a curative practice against diseases or problems in the life of an individual, astrology, as a matter of fact, has turned out to be a very reliable method for leading to an effective healing solution for problems or anything problematic that a native may face. It is because of astrology’s evolutionfor decades which has made it a significant scientific remedial resort based on thoughtful and meticulous analysis of planetary movements or cosmic deportments corresponding to the influences they reflect in a person’s life.

Astrology As An Evolved, Contemporary Method For Healing

Contemporary astrological methods are beyond mere planetary conjectures. They are advanced, and far more reliable in the context of solving a person’s problems in various aspects of his life, such as finance, career, marriage, jobs, business, relationships, academics, and so on. Today’s cutting-edge astrology has paved the path for a better understanding of planetary impacts affecting a person’s life based on categorisation involving malefic and benefic cosmic impacts. As a result of such categorisation, befitting solutions for any seemingly tough problems faced by an individual are conceived and rendered successfully.

Why PavitraJyotish For Perfect Astrological Solutions?

Pavitra Jyotish boasts of being India’s one of the most sought-after destinations for highly dependable, affordable, and effective astrological services including accurate horoscope predictions among a myriad of different other services. With years of consistent astrological practices maintained by team of proficient astrologers, and Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant, the most trusted online Vedic astrologer in India, PavitraJyotish has successfully built a reputation of boundless magnitude, bearing an insignia of trust, dependence and affordability for the needy looking for high-quality astrological services and products. Time-bound delivery of accurate and affordable astrological services and products is one of the reasons accentuating the relevance and trust of Pavitra Jyotish in today’s highly-competitive world of astrology.

FAQ'S Information And Specialty Of Our Astrological Guidance

Astrology As A Reliable Solution To Everyday Problems

Pavitra Jyotish is a highly reputable institute to reckon with for its timely, trusted, accurate, and affordable astrological services. The quality of astrological predictions being precise and accurate is largely attributed to our host of profoundly-educated and veteran astrologers. They exercise their respective experiential insights of Vedic Astrology and its principles into rendering the most accurate remedial solution to anything problematic in the life of a person. Involved in their meticulous study of a person’s problems includes consideration of planetary movements, cosmic positions, and other celestial factors, including deportment of constellations and their relative influences affecting the life of the native. We are fully cognisant with the fact that Astrology or astrological predictions never allow even a vestigial trace of random conjectures, something that our learned and experienced astrologers never ever entail in practice. Therefore, what conclusive remedial course of actions we propose consistent with the problems faced by a native works miraculously, in terms of solving the native’s problems. That’s the modus-operandi we follow which lead to conclusive understanding of not only your problems in the first place but their effective solutions. Mentioned in the following is the breakdown of questions with answers pertaining to astrology for the satisfaction of your astrological queries and knowledge about our services and products in Astrology.

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